Harvard University Study Links Diabetes Epidemic to Airborne Soot

December 9, 2010

Over the past 15 years diabetes prevalence has more than doubled in the U.S. A major new study conducted by Harvard University researchers has established for the first time that particulate matter (PM2.5) in the air, a major component of diesel emissions, is linked to diabetes. Hundreds of medical studies have linked exposure to particulate matter to lung and heart disease and premature death, but this is the first nationwide study to quantitatively link diabetes to particulate matter exposure in U.S. cities.

Read the Allegheny County Partnership to Reduce Diesel Pollution’s press release here.

Also, check out the Post Gazette editorial, The dirt on diesel


ACHd approves $800,000 for diesel cleanup projects

December 9, 2010

The Diesel Partnership held a press conference near the dramtic backdrop of the old Children’s Hospital demolition site Thursday to announce The Allegheny County Health Department’s approval of $800,000 of Clean Air Fund money to be used to retrofit or repower construction equipment from small companies to make them much cleaner. GASP and Clean Water Action initiated this request and saw it through all the way to this victory. Applicants will be judged on criteria such as the amount of pollution they can reduce and the amount of business they do within the county. This pot of funding helps address industry concerns about a pending City Council bill which would require cleaner construction vehicles on large publicly-funded projects. Kudos to ACHD for approving this swiftly, and stay tuned for updates! Click here to see footage from the press conference.