UPMC Shows Strong Initiative In Limiting Emissions

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, with its multiple campuses and nearly four million admits per year (not including statistics from their satellite hospital in Sicily!), is well-known as one of the United State’s leading health care systems.  A recent action taken by UPMC policymakers proves that the organization’s commitment to its patrons is total – encompassing their well-being even after they exit their room and pass through the hospital doors on their way home.  In summary, UPMC requires that any construction equipment greater than 25 horsepower used on any UPMC property must meet the new federal Clean Air Act standards, regardless of whether the equipment is new or old, and regardless of when the standards go into effect on the national scale.  Construction equipment makes up a considerable portion of our region’s diesel particulate emissions and thus is an important sector to focus on cleaning up. A large construction site can create a public health risk for the surrounding community by consistently emitting large amounts of soot into the air. Hospitals have an obligation to promote healthy lifestyles and communities and to safeguard patients’ health, making UPMC’s announcement that much more significant.

More details can be found on UPMC’s website.


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